‘TJ’ and ‘Box’ by Tim Stokes

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/Vg0x_PF90U4″ playlist=”https://youtu.be/PuyGX1jYBt4″ controls=”no” autohide=”yes” showinfo=”no” autoplay=”yes” loop=”yes” rel=”no” fs=”no” modestbranding=”yes” theme=”light”] Tim Stokes, T J and Box, 2008. Animations created with black metal paint on paper.   Tim Stokes is based in

‘Word Room: The Professor’s Study’ by Bella Kerr

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lWEYs46_Rg ” controls=”no” autohide=”yes” autoplay=”yes” loop=”yes” rel=”no” fs=”no” modestbranding=”yes”] Bella Kerr, Word Room: The Professor’s Study, 3 minutes, 12 seconds. Created with animator Tim Stokes.   Bella Kerr is

‘Pelegrina’ by Virginia Head

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kvRoLhfFh0″ autoplay=”yes” loop=”yes” rel=”no” fs=”no” modestbranding=”yes”]   Virginia Head, Pelegrina, 2006. Written, directed and animated by Virginia Head. (A Virginia Head film) Music by Dave Stapleton at Red Eye

Caleb Wood, ‘ANON MATION,’ 2016

  Caleb Wood, ANON MATION, 2016. 7 minutes.   Caleb Wood is an emerging experimental animator based in Minnesota, whose practice, which is rooted in wide-ranging influences and collaboration, reflects his dedication

Barry Doupé, ‘Whaty,’ 2012

  Barry Doupé, Whaty, 2012. Computer animation, 30 seconds. Commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society’s HELLO AMIGA Project. In partnership with Trinity Square Video and VTAPE. Special thanks to the