SUN Moqing, ‘By My Window,’ 2017

SUN Moqing, By My Window, 2017. 3 minutes 34 seconds.


SUN Moqing is a Beijing- and Munich-based artist who is participating in The Drawing Center’s 2016/17 Open Sessions program. The tension between emptiness and presence plays a key role in Moqing’s ink drawings and sculptural objects as well as in By My Window, the artist’s first exploration of video (or what he calls a “boundry-less drawing”). In By My Window, an animated sequence of drawings reflects what the artist has seen while looking through a window in his home. In his own words, drawing, not film, was the appropriate medium for this project; though perhaps less accurate than shot footage, drawing allows us to reflect critically on the way we interpret visual information as well as how we choose, consciously or unconsciously, what to remember and what to forget.


To learn more about SUN Moqing’s works, visit the his website, here


View SUN Moqing’s video and other works by Open Sessions artists at The Drawing Center in the exhibition Where Do We Stand? Two Years of Drawing with Open Sessions, on view August 3 through September 17.


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