Lessons from Maria Bussmann

Visitor Services Manager Genevieve Wollenbecker reflects on the drawings of Maria Bussmann, which were included in a 2003 group exhibition at The Drawing Center and in a recent solo exhibition at

John O’Connor

The Drawing Center’s intern Kate Smith recently visited the studio of Queens-based artist John O’Connor. She documented their conversation on his drawings using logos and advertising texts, among other appropriated

echo echo: Linda Matalon at Blackston

Linda Matalon, Untitled, 2010. Wax and graphite on paper, overall 19 x 25 inches. Image courtesy of Blackston, New York.

The artist Linda Matalon, who came of age in the late 1970s and early 80s, introduces a recent suite of drawings at Blackston gallery on view through April 14th. Matalon’s

Jim Shaw at Simon Lee Gallery, London

Jim Shaw, Dream Object, ("I came back to the studio and Scott had added these three dimensional..."), 2012. Acrylic on muslin with cut-out acrylic on muslin attachments, 96 1/4 x 136 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Simon Lee Gallery.

  Jim Shaw once claimed to follow the example of Marcel Duchamp’s enigmatic diagram The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass), 1915–23. Just as The Large

Kakyoung Lee, Walk, 2010

For the next month, we’ll highlight a series of animated drawings done in graphite by a selection of internationally recognized artists. Ranging from quick gestures to more elaborate narratives, all

Capital Revisited

Terry Smith, Plans for Capital Revisited, 2013. Image courtesy of the artist.

Curatorial Assistant Nova Benway shares the scoop on Capital Revisited, a public art project by artist Terry Smith commissioned by The Drawing Center.     London-based artist Terry Smith recently visited

Erica Baum

In advance of the second program in The Drawing Center’s Drafts series, Communications Intern Daniel Peacock speaks with artist Erica Baum about her work with vintage books and other archival

Rick Myers & Heide Fasnacht

This installment of Footnotes begins a series of addenda to The Drawing Center’s new program series Drafts, as tributaries of the ongoing conversation around its events and the images that precipitate them.

Drawing Surrealism at The Morgan Library and Museum

Salvador Dalí, Study for “The Image Disappears,” 1938. Pencil on paper. Private Collection. © Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York 2012. Photo: Michael Tropea, © 2012 Museum Associates/ LACMA.

  The assemblage of more than 160 works currently on display in Drawing Surrealism at The Morgan Library and Museum serves as a fantastic primer on Surrealism through the evaluation of its

A Trip to Alexandre Singh’s Studio

Curator Claire Gilman offers a glimpse behind Alexandre Singh: The Pledge.   Complete with inkjet scans, stenciled pencil dots, and store-bought IKEA frames, Alexandre Singh’s installation at The Drawing Center