Torkwase Dyson and the Wynter-Wells Drawing School for Environmental Justice

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Torkwase Dyson, Winter Term: Torkwase Dyson and the Wynter-Wells Drawing School for Environmental Justice, 2018. Color, 6:14 min. 1DRRGRND COLLABORATORS (Andres L. Hernandez, Zachary Fabri, Torkwase Dyson). Directed by Anthony Prince. Original score by Matthew Davidson.


On February 2018, The Drawing Center announced Winter Term, a new annual initiative in which the museum partners with an artist or organization whose mission it is to explore the transformative role that drawing can play in civic and global society. The yearly program, which consists of public events, classes, and performances, as well as an exhibition, engages with a community of people to investigate the efficacy of drawing as a tool for addressing inequity and encouraging social change. In this way, Winter Term provides a new model for exhibition making, as well as for the role that art institutions can play in the real world.


From February 24 through March 11, 2018, The Drawing Center invited artist Torkwase Dyson to create an installation and organize a two-week series of classes, discussions, and formal experiments developed from her incipient project the Wynter-Wells Drawing School for Environmental Justice—named for Jamaican writer Sylvia Wynter and American Civil Rights leader Ida B. Wells. The School presented an experimental curriculum employing techniques culled from the visual arts as well as design theories of geography, infrastructure, engineering, and architecture to initiate dialogue about geography and spatiality in an era of global crisis due to human-induced climate change.


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