‘Pelegrina’ by Virginia Head

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Virginia Head, Pelegrina, 2006. Written, directed and animated by Virginia Head. (A Virginia Head film) Music by Dave Stapleton at Red Eye Music; Editor – Jem Roberts; Viola – Philip Heyman; Piano – Zoe Smith; String Consultant – Victoria Wright; Recorded by James Clarke; Assistant Animation by Ceiren Bell, Jem Roberts, Ross Woodfield. (A Virginia Head film)


Virginia Head is an artist and filmmaker with a first class degree in illustration from Brighton Polytechnic, England. She has worked for several award winning animation companies throughout Wales and England, illustrated for televised history documentaries, dramas and magazines, and produced four of her own independent animated films: ‘Incubus Succubus’, a contemporary response to a medieval fantasy, Ode’ celebrating the hand written word, Pelegrina, a musical journey depicting the life of an unusual stringed instrument, and The Tempest, a collaboration with the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra. She combines traditional, two-dimensional hand drawn techniques with photography, painting and live action, creating fluid dream like narratives that capture the lyrical realms of the imagination. Her work has been projected at live music performances, galleries and international animation festivals.



Pelegrina is an enchanting piece of music is being composed for an unusual stringed instrument. Whilst its components begin to assemble we are taken on a mysterious journey, traversing the convoluted patterns and depths created by both the music and the wood that shapes the instrument.


Virginia Head is featured on The Drawing Center’s online gallery as part of an exchange with Mission Gallery in Swansea, UK organized by Amanda Roderick (Director of Mission Gallery, Swansea) and Amber Harper (Assistant Curator of The Drawing Center, New York). The collaboration celebrates Mission Gallery’s New York Season, which celebrates the gallery’s connection with cultural organizations via Residency Unlimited.