‘Difference’ and ‘Dwell’ by Matthew Otten

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Matthew Otten


Difference, 2015. Music: Cylinder Five by Chris Zabriskie.

Dwell, 2014. Music: Moonlight Reprise by Kai Engel.


Matthew Otten is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Neath, South Wales. His practice has been influenced by the mythologies of Nordic and Southeast Asian cultures, particularly those with a connection to the forest. His style is an experimental combination of traditional drawing and digital compositing that values clarity, balance, and simplicity. Dwell and Difference are collections of animations and moving illustrations that examine the natural environment.


Matthew Otten is featured on The Drawing Center’s online gallery as part of an exchange with Mission Gallery in Swansea, UK organized by Amanda Roderick (Director of Mission Gallery, Swansea) and Amber Harper (Assistant Curator of The Drawing Center, New York). The collaboration celebrates Mission Gallery’s New York Season, which celebrates the gallery’s connection with cultural organizations via Residency Unlimited.