Nikolaus Gansterer, Third Hand (Part I & Part II), 2014


This week’s online gallery feature is the work of Nikolaus Gansterer (born 1974; Klosterneuburg, Austria) entitled Third Hand (Part I & Part II), 2014. Made in collaboration with violinist Annelie Gahl, Third Hand reinterprets John Cage’s composition Cheap Imitation (1969) for Merce Cunningham’s ballet Second Hand (1970). Part of a larger project, this video features Gansterer using two pencils to trace the hand movements of the dancer resulting in a dense score of line gestures.


For more information on the Third Hand project, please visit the artist’s website.


Nikolaus Gansterer
in collaboration with Annelie Gahl
Third Hand (Part I & Part II), 2013
video projection on table, dimensions variable
video loop, sound, 16:9 aspect ratio
16:24 minutes
Courtesy the artist