Barry Doupé, ‘Whaty,’ 2012


Barry Doupé, Whaty, 2012. Computer animation, 30 seconds. Commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society’s HELLO AMIGA Project. In partnership with Trinity Square Video and VTAPE. Special thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts and the PETMAN Foundation.


Barry Doupé is a Vancouver-based artist whose computer-animated films reflect his interest in stream-of-consciousness writing and automatic drawing. Whaty, 2012, begins with an image of a disconnected human figure that then morphs into an abstracted field of fleshy peach, pink, brown, and blue biomorphic forms. Doupé created Whaty with an Amiga computer, an obsolete personal computer released in the late 1980s and renowned for its graphics processing.


To learn more about Barry Doupé, check out the artist’s website, here.

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