‘The Negotiation,’ by Lilli Carré, 2013

Lilli Carré, The Negotiation, 2013. Two high-definition video loops, 6 minutes and 8 seconds. Edition of 3, 1 AP. Courtesy of the artist and Western Exhibitions, Chicago.


“In a variety of media, Lilli Carré articulates complex relationships through brief, stylish mark making. The Negotiation features two characters each of which rises, transforms, and morphs from one anthropomorphic shape to the next. In competition or conversation, the charming yet subtly grotesque characters bleed, breathe, shed, and evolve, acknowledging one another but never overlapping. Drawn entirely by hand, texture and line pulse through Carré’s colorful figures, giving life to the narrative structure of the short.”

—Isabella Kapur, Curatorial Intern


Explore more of Lilli Carré’s work on her website.


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