‘Time Jitters,’ by Jody Zellen, 2014


Jody Zellen, Time Jitters, 2014-present. 18 min. and 16 sec. Courtesy of the artist.


Los Angeles-based artist Jody Zellen creates interactive installations, animations, mobile apps, artist books, and drawings that respond to the everyday practice of consuming contemporary news media. Her short animation Time Jitters combines drawn and appropriated images culled from the media; each drawing is created by meticulously tracing photographs of war or man-made and natural disasters. Acting as spectral after images of news coverage, Zellen’s Time Jitters alter the context in which we encounter current events, pointing to the personal and psychological implications of twenty-four hour news feeds.


As part of her practice, Zellen creates daily drawings using automatic and stream-of-consciousness techniques in addition to tracing text and photographs. Her drawings, which are also the point of departure for Time Jitters, can be viewed on the artist’s website, here.



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