Scriptorium, Week One


Every weekend between July 12 and August 24, The Drawing Center will open the Scriptorium, an intimate space for the perusal of various out-of-print Drawing Center publications, including 3 x Abstraction (2005), Ocean Flowers (2004), and Alternative Art, New York, 1965-1985 (2002). Created in the spirit of the medieval scriptorium—the room in monasteries devoted to the transcription of manuscripts—this new initiative invites viewers to research, react, and draw inspiration from the institution’s rich publication history. Visitors are also encouraged to create their own “transcriptions” of Drawing Center texts, which will be scanned for archival purposes and displayed in the Scriptorium itself. Here are a few highlights from the Scriptorium’s first weekend:


july12megan july12_boy july13kate_2.5 july13kate_1 july13_tobie july13_natalie july13_gideon