Daily Drawing Lessons Schedule

Andrea Bowers and Suzanne Lacy: Drawing Lessons invites a number of artists to join Bowers in teaching Lacy to draw, while several curators will serve as models for the lessons. The full schedule of visitors is below.

Many artists have also contributed their favorite lesson plans to the project. The  lesson schedule will be posted here daily.


Monday 3/17:

4pm – Christian Rattemeyer, Harvey S. Shipley Miller Associate Curator in the Department of Drawings at The Museum of Modern Art, and Simon Castets, director and curator of the Swiss Institute (models)

An assignment from Mierle Laderman Ukeles will be taught by Andrea Bowers.


Tuesday 3/18:

12pm – Visit from artist Joyce Kozloff

4pm – Lesson by artist Mary Beth Edelson

4:30pm – Nato Thompson, chief curator, Creative Time (model)


Wednesday 3/19:

4pm – Visit from artist Lorraine O’Grady


Thursday 3/20:

12pm – Bernadette Kelly, international representative for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (model)



Friday 3/21:

12:30pm – Josh Siegel, Associate Curator, Department of Film, The Museum of Modern Art (model)

2pm – Visit from artist Nicola Tyson


Saturday 3/22:

1pm – Lesson from artist Kira Lynn Harris

3pm –  Carter E. Foster, Steven and Ann Ames Curator of Drawing,  Whitney Museum of American Art (model)


Sunday 3/23:

No visits currently scheduled