Yara Pina, Untitled 4, 2012; Untitled 2, 2011


Yara Pina is one of 54 artists chosen for The Drawing Center’s new Open Sessions program, which will  explore drawing as an expansive practice, tool, metaphor and  theme. Open Sessions offers alternative opportunities for contextualizing and exhibiting artwork, bringing a range of artists into conversation with each other. Pina’s work dialogues with traditional drawing by using one of its most tried-and-true tools, charcoal, to aggressively deconstruct the gallery space.


The first Open Sessions public exhibition will take place March 6 – 23, and will include Pina’s work, alongside that of Open Sessions artists Eleanor Aldrich, Derek Dunlop, Heather Hart, Andrew Ross, Lauren Seiden and Barbara Weissberger.


video 1
Yara Pina
Untitled 4, 2012
video by Glayson Arcanjo
Edited by Yara Pina
video 2
Yara Pina.
Untitled 2, 2011
video by Reis Néri
Edited by Yara Pina