4 x 4 Talk by Xylor Jane

On Thursday, June 3, Xylor Jane gave the third in a series of four talks in which emerging artists discuss the influence and relevancy of drawing within their multifaceted practices. With diversity in both technique and approach, the artists in this series share an affinity for integrating drawing into a wide range of mediums – painting, sculpture, installation, mixed media – to critically investigate subjects of interest to them be it economics, politics, quantum physics, the human subconscious, or personal narrative. These artists’ unique forays into conceptual thinking and theoretical significance further broaden our conceptions of the field of drawing and highlight current trends and issues in contemporary art.

Xylor Jane’s intuitive systems of abstract patterns reveal the handmade imperfections of her drawn grids and suggest that the seemingly mechanical process is strongly indebted to autobiography and emotion. Jane received her BFA in 1993 from the San Francisco Art Institute and recently had a solo exhibition at CANADA, New York. She lives and works in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Click here to listen to the talk.